Joseph T MN9 31ft Barr built 1901

Built for Mr. Joseph Taylor, during the Great War she was sold during the First World War to a Heybridge man who renamed her ‘Frederic George’. Shortly after the First World War, the Clayden brothers of Maldon bought her and worked under sail until 1964. A small motor was fitted during the Second World War. The well-known writer of the Essex Marshlands, James Wentworth Day, has been on many a coastal adventure with the Clayden brothers and ‘Joseph T’.

Transom stern smack oyster dredging. JOSEPH T MN9 credit to Mersea Museum
Peldon in the 1970s at the end of the Peldon Smack Race. Chicks Milgate, Don Wright, Hervey Benham, Dick Harman and others. Smacks MN21 MAUD, MN9 JOSEPH T, CK256 HYACINTH, PEACE.
Used in The Salty Shore page 87.
Cutting from newspaper for this is in BOXL_032_007. Photographer was John Adams, winner of race was Molly Kennell in HYACINTH. credit to Mersea Museum