Colne Match 2021 11th September 2021 HW 0336hrs Weather WSW F4

BARGES start time 0700hrs

NameFinish TimeElapsed TimePositionTrophies
Marjorie10:52:383hr 52m 38s1stCSPS Barge Cup
Blue Mermaid10:54:543hr 54m 54s2ndSailorman Cup
Golden Cockerel – 1st over the start line
Niagara10:57:593hr 57m 59s3rdPrior Barge Cup
Repertor11:00:394hr 0m 39s4thWeston Cup
Reminder11:33:364hr 33m 36s5th
Cambria11:37:494hr 37m 49s6th
Thalatta11:40:114hr 40m 11s7th
Centaur11:49:284hr 49m 28s8th

SMACKS start time 0730hrs

NameFinish TimeElapsed TimePositionTrophies
Alberta CK31810:52:523hr 22m 52s1stCock of the Colne & King Colne Cup & Pennant
Skippers Trophy
Bob Harman Trophy
Kate CK5210:58:023hr 28m 2s2ndArthur Bowles Cup
Maria CK2110:58:463hr 28m 46s3rdXanthe Trophy
Sunbeam CK32811:06:563hr 36m 56s4th
Charlotte Ellen CK25811:10:473hr 40m 47s5thHammond Bell Trophy – 1st over start line
Gracie CK4611:22:503hr 52m50s6thBrian Percival & Brian Webb Cup – 1st smack <36ft
Pioneer CK1811:23:553hr 53m 55s7th
Priscilla CK43711:24:443hr 54m44s8thJim Spencer Cup – 2nd smack <36ft
Marigold MN11911:42:304hr 12m 30s9thRose Bowl – 1st bawley
Our Boys CK9212:01:464hr 31m 46s10thVernon Scott Trophy – last smack home
Mary Amelia LO502Did not complete course

Mersea Fishing Open Boats (MFOBs) start time 0900hrs

NameHandicapElapsed TimeSecondsAdjusted TimePositionTrophies
Winnie CK981.21hr 56m 9s696958081stRobelia Trophy – 1st corrected time
Gipsy CK791.081hr 44m 53s629358272ndCSPS Trustees Cup – 1st boat home
Winter 7 Co Trophy – 2nd corrected time
Mystery CK591.141hr 50m 44s664458283rdThe Commissioners Cup – 3rd corrected time
Jack CK911.21hr 57m 3s702358534th
Faith1.272hr 9m 47s778761315th
Florrie May WM221.11hr 54 28s686862446th
Spray CK1351.191hr 52m 26s67465669Did not enter