Dick Harman removed the deadeye from Xanthe, which lays in the entrance to Alresford creek, when they were removing ballast out of her for ADC. Dick kindly gifted the deadeye to the CSPS and it was presented by Stephen Swarn in memory of Bridget’s father Tom Marsh. It is now awarded to the 3rd smack home.

2021Maria CK21
2020ADC CK431
2019My Alice CK348
2018Charlotte Ellen CK258
2017Charlotte Ellen CK258
2016My Alice CK348
2015My Alice CK348
2014My Alice CK348
2013Charlotte Ellen CK258
2012Alberta CK318
2011Ethel Alice CK476
2010Primrose CK273
2009Primrose CK273
2008Pioneer CK18
2007Primrose CK273
2006Sunbeam CK328
2005My Alice CK348
2004Kate CK52
2003Bona LO178
2002Martha II MN69
2001Sunbeam CK328
2000Maria CK21
1999Charlotte Ellen CK258
1998Hyacinth CK256
1997Laura FD319
1996Ellen CK222
1995Ellen CK222
1994Laura FD319
1993Martha II MN69
1992Sallie CK224
1991Helen & Violet LO262
1990Sallie CK224
1989ADC CK431
1988Helen & Violet LO262
1987ADC CK431
1986Lizzie Annie MN23
1985Sunbeam CK328
1984Charlotte Ellen CK258
1981Ida CK3
1980Charlotte Ellen CK258
1979Charlotte Ellen CK258
1978Peace CK171
1977Lizzie Annie MN23
1975ADC CK431
1974Gracie CK46
1973Rosa and Ada F105
1972Hyacinth CK256
1971Iris CK67