Vernon Scott was a barge skipper and local fisherman with his brother Gordon from Brightlingsea. Later, he was the hardmaster at Brightlingsea and this trophy is awarded to the last smack home.

2021Our Boys CK92
2020Pioneer CK18
2019Priscilla CK437
2018Pioneer CK18
2017Pioneer CK18
2016Ellen CK222
2015Marigold MN117
2014Marigold MN117
2013Pembeth F7
2012Marigold MN117
2011Dorana MN2
2010Dorana MN2
2009Nellie CK276
2008Mermaid LN32
2007Harriet Blanche MN42
2006William MN15
2005Pioneer CK18
2004Boadicea CK213
2003Nellie CK276
2002Mary CK252
2001William MN15
2000Mary CK252
1999Good Intent LO136
1998Mary CK252
1997Thistle F86
1996William MN15
1995Good Intent LO136
1994Electron CK36
1993Mary CK252
1992Ostrea Rose MN183
1991Mary CK252
1990Hyacinth CK256
1989Fly MN17
1988Mayfly CK363
1987Electron CK36
1986Fly MN17
1985Mayflower CK44
1984Saxonia CK90
1980Doris LO284
1979Gamecock F76
1978Gamecock F76
1973Stormy Petrel F71
1972Betty CK275
1971G&A CK76