Transcur CK365 is a 35ft Aldous smack built in 1889.

Transcur seems to replace a larger 17 ton smack of the same name that was registered out of Maldon as MN11 in 1871. It was in 1898 that the Maldon ‘Transcur’ did not appear in the register and ‘Transcur CK 365’ was first registered.

Colne Match results;

Transcur at the 2020 Colne Match.
©Sandy Miller @litematters.
Transcur at the Colne Match 2020.
©Seamus Masters @glassonion68.
Transcur at the Colne Match 2020.
©James Hamilton.

Her early history is rather vague and the only thing we know is that she worked from the Essex River Crouch and was owned by the Smith Brothers, well known oyster merchants of the area. In 1924 she came out of the register and was sold for conversion to a yacht. Coamings and skylights were added. In 1937 her first engine was fitted on the starboard quarter. She passed through several hands, each owner keeping her for approximatly five years. Most of this time was spent on the east coast of England.

In 1998 the Thomas family bought Transcur from Lymington on the Solent where she had been for 19 years. Not in a sound enough condition to be sailed back to the east coast, she came back overland to the front garden where the family spent the next two years restoring her, keeping the floors but the rest of the boat was so rotten it needed replacing. She was returned to her original gaff rig which she lost in the late 50s. Since her restoration she has been sailed regularly to Holland each year for family holidays.

Unlike many smacks, she is sailed by a family and cruised extensively.