Presented by Molly Kennel as the skipper of the smack was not always the owner. The cup is awarded to the Skipper of 1st smack home.

2021Alberta CK318 Conor Wey
2020Alberta CK318 Conor Wey
2019Alberta CK318 Richard Haines
2018My Alice CK348 Stephen Heppell
2017Maria CK21 Paul Winter
2016Alberta CK318 Robin Page
2015Maria CK21 Paul Winter
2014Maria CK21 Paul Winter
2013Alberta CK318
2012Maria CK21 Paul Winter
2011Primrose CK273
2010Alberta CK318
2009Maria CK21 Paul Winter
2008Alberta CK318
2007Alberta CK318
2006Alberta CK318 Edwin Bracken
2005Alberta CK318
2004Ethel Alice CK476
2003Sunbeam CK328
2002Ethel Alice CK476
2001Primrose CK273
2000Ethel Alice CK476
1999Ethel Alice CK476
1996Lizzie Annie MN23 Bob Faulks
1992Sunbeam CK328 John Rigby
1991Sallie CK224 Brian Kennell
1984Mermaid LN32
1980ADC CK431 Dick Harman
1979ADC CK431 Dick Harman
1978ADC CK431 Dick Harman
1977ADC CK431 Dick Harman
1974ADC CK431 Dick Harman
1973Hyacinth CK256 Brian Kennell
1972Lizzie Annie MN23 Gerard Swift
1971ADC CK431 Dick Harman