Minion RR9

Leonard Wadhams sold Minion to her to someone who intended to restore her in to sailing condition. Lines were taken of Minion and a replica made, with some original wood embedded into her structure. The construction was clinker, but it has not been seen since.

Minion was possibly originally registered in Maldon using an MN fishing number. She was presumably built in Essex as her original layout was a single hold but changed in a rebuild post 1945 (grant obtained) to more common layout of a separate hold and rear cockpit.

She also had a vertical axis windlass mounted amidships. It was operated by geared handles set in a bronze cap with the name MINION engraved on it.

The two Wadhams family bawleys
Minion” (RR9) & “Hilda Marjorie” (RR8)
pictured at Strood Pier in 1936.
©Wadhams Family History
Another view of the Hilda Marjorie and Minion, taken about 1971
Minion & Hilda Marjorie