Mary CK78 is a Burnham smack built in 1850.

Boadicea, Pioneer & Mary sailing in the 2017 Colne Match.
©Tim Bees.
Part of the fishing fleet. CK78 MARY. Known locally as ‘big’ MARY. A note on the back says “Had engine put in Mamgu at Brightlingsea Feb 1930”.
©Mersea Museum.
WMTR. Smack Mary owned by Peter Pullen, with Bill Baker at tiller. Late 1940s or early 50s. Arthur Bruce.
‘big’ MARY CK78.
©Mersea Museum.
Smack MARY racing in a Regatta, around 1949. Bill Baker at the helm.
Known locally as ‘big’ MARY.
©Mersea Museum.
The MARY is one of the older smacks and the photograph shows her lute stern.
This is the ‘big’ MARY CK78.
©Mersea Museum.