Marigold MN119 is a 30ft Patient shrimper built in 1981.

Colne Match results;

Marigold at Maldon Regatta.
©Tim Bees.

Marigold was built at Walter Cook and son, Maldon, in 1981. She is a Gravesend Bawley built upon the lines of the Lillian, built 1869. Gravesend Bawleys were built to work the lower reaches of the Thames, trawling for shrimps with a trim tram trawl. Larger versions such as the Lillian would occasionally stowboat for sprats in the winter.

Marigold at Maldon Regatta. ©
Tim Bees.

Marigold is clinker built with 3/4 inch larch planks on steamed oak frames, with some cut grown frames. With a larch laid deck. She has never had an engine and is traditionally rigged with a loose footed gaff mainsail, topsail, foresail, and jib, the combined sail area is approximately 660 square feet.

MARIGOLD, a perfect twentieth century reproduction of a mid-nineteenth century shrimper, almost ready to launch at Maldon.
Built by David Patient 1981, photo by Barry Pearce.
Used in Smacks and Bawleys page 11