Iverna RR7 is a Gill smack built in 1893.

IVERNA is the last surviving example of a Medway Bawley. These small fishing vessels were once common around North Kent and Essex, near the mouth of the Medway and the Thames. They were used for fishing and particularly for shrimping. IVERNA was purchased by her current owners in 1986, using a PRISM grant. She was bought under exceptional circumstances to protect the last surviving example of a vernacular Medway boat. She is now located at Chatham Historic Dockyard.

The Iverna, later owned by Dick Turner, grandson of Leonard Baker Wadhams.
In the background are the Minion and Hilda Marjorie. Circa 1977.
©Dick Turner
Lass of Kent RR272.
Shows members of Hill family that later owned Iverna presumably bought from Letley family that had Iverna built.
Iverna pre 1979