Hyacinth CK256 is a 36ft Aldous smack built in 1900.

Colne Match results;

She was built for the French family of Mersea. She was used for oyster dredging and remained in the family until the mid 1960s. She was then purchased by Clarke and Carters of Mersea, re-fitted and sold to Mrs. M. Kennell in 1969. She is now owned by Mr Marks and is used as a family sailing smack, often cruising the East Coast rather than racing. She does not have an inboard engine fitted but does have a rather large outboard.

Smack CK256 HYACINTH credit Mersea Museum
The West Mersea smack HYACINTH CK256 before the start of the 1948 West Mersea Town Regatta smack race. She was the last Mersea smack to remain without an engine and was owned by L. French. HYACINTH was the winner.
HYACINTH was built by Aldous, Brightlingsea, 1900. credit Mersea Museum
credit Mersea Museum
Sailing in the Blackwater. The laid up tanker on the left is thought to be ARO which was in the River from 11 July 1975 and November 1978.
Ron Green writes: I’m not sure of the nearest smack – could be CK 256 HYACINTH but the other one is CK141 PEACE.
The dinghies with circles in their sails are Contenders and 101 is a Merlin Rocket. K242 looks like a Tornado catamaran. credit Mersea Museum
Peldon in the 1970s at the end of the Peldon Smack Race. Chicks Milgate, Don Wright, Hervey Benham, Dick Harman and others. Smacks MN21 MAUD, MN9 JOSEPH T, CK256 HYACINTH, PEACE.
Used in The Salty Shore page 87.
Cutting from newspaper for this is in BOXL_032_007. Photographer was John Adams, winner of race was Molly Kennell in HYACINTH. credit Mersea Museum
Smack HYACINTH CK256. Percy Chatters, Peck Hewes, Norman Chatters, John Chatters, Dennis French. Regatta credit Mersea Museum