Presented by his family, Bob Harman is Dicks elder brother, and donated the trophy in his memory because despite working as a builder living in London, he spent most of his weekends on the smack. Bob helped with the Colne Match, not only starting the race or racing himself, he used to cater for all the crews afterwards providing the fillings for all the rolls! The trophy is awarded for best recorded elapsed time.

2021Alberta CK318
2020Alberta CK318
2019Alberta CK318
2018My Alice CK348
2017Maria CK21
2016SB Edme
2015SB Edme
2014Maria CK21
2013Alberta CK318
2011Primrose CK273
2010Alberta CK318
2009Maria CK21
2008SB Edme
2007SB Edme
2006SB Edme
2005Alberta CK318
2004Ethel Alice CK476
2003Sunbeam CK328
2002SB Edme
2001Primrose CK273
2000Ethel Alice CK476
1999Ethel Alice CK476
1998Ethel Alice CK476
1994SB Edme
1993Laura FD319
1992SB Mirosa
1991SB Xylonite
1987SB Xylonite
1985Helen & Violet LO262