Rosena CK65 37ft Aldous built 1899

ROSENA is an historic smack, known to the local boating community in Brightlingsea since she was built in 1898 by Aldous.  She was a significant part of the fishing fleet with the Drake family in Tollesbury.

One previous owner in 1961 was a Jim Lawrence, the famous sail-maker and bargeman.  She was also owned by Max Monsarrat who wanted to sail her to Australia.

Since the late 1960s, ROSENA has been left in various Essex berths e.g Heybridge basin, Woodbridge, St. Osyth with very little care being taken of her.  In 2013 she has been rescued from the mud and was under cover at Aldous Dock.

Sadly, under new ownership Rosena was destroyed.

Spectators at West Mersea Town Regatta.
Edgar Heard on ROSENA – whiteweed.
Edgar Heard on ROSENA – whiteweed.
Edgar Heard on ROSENA CK65 – oyster dredging.
ROSENA CK65 on the Hard behind CK166 GOLDEN CHANCE built Wyatt 1948 for George Stoker 21.6’loa 8.6’beam. PORT ERROLL bow on the left.
Smack ROSENA CK65.
Hazel White on the left. Mr & Mrs Edgar Heard in centre.
West Mersea Town Regatta.
Edgar Heard’s smack ROSENA CK65.
West Mersea Town Regatta.
WMTR smack race. c. 1959. L-R ROSENA under motor, BOADICEA, GRACIE sailed by Daff Hempstead
WMTR smack race L-R BOADICEA, ROSENA, GRACIE sailed by Daff Hempstead. c1955