Priscilla CK437 39ft Stone built 1893

In 1931, when the boat was sold to a new owner who operated her out of the nearby fishing community of West Mersea, Priscilla would primarily have been used for the oyster dredging trade, but was also used for ‘Stowboating’, an older and more complex method of fishing where a net was slung underneath the vessel when anchored.

‘Stowboating’ was used to catch sprats which were prevalent in the northern Thames Estuary and could be used for eating or as fertiliser on local fields.
Priscilla held a Colchester registration, ‘CK 437’ for the first part of her working life. The registration was changed to ‘MN 76’ 1970 when she was still in operation despite her age. She ended her working life in 1975.

In 1981, in an effort to extend her life, Priscilla was coated in Ferro Concrete, a common practice at the time. This enabled the boat to continue sailing and take part in the ever popular sailing smack races and events around the Thames Estuary.

She’s a 2nd class sailing smack in 1890 at the yard of the ‘Stone Brothers’ of Brightlingsea. Priscilla was only the second smack built by the yard after it opened in 1890 and is the oldest ‘Stone’ built vessel in existence. The ‘Stone
Brothers’ yard went on to become a prolific boat building business employing many local people in Brightlingsea up until its closure in 1988.
In use, Priscilla operated initially out of Brightlingsea for her first owner a Mr Willie Barber who, like many Colne fishermen, fished in the winter and crewed aboard large sailing yachts during the summer months. It is likely that Priscilla was paid for with prize money earnt by Mr Barber whilst competing in the summer months. Originally built at 31ft to the rudder post and 36ft overall on deck, she was later lengthened to her current size of 39ft from stem to rudder post and 43ft overall.

PRISCILLA MN76. A picture from the Eddie Caswell collection. Eddie owned the PRISCILLA 1979-1984.
Sailing in the Blackwater. MN76 PRISCILLA and CK46 GRACIE.
Horace and Bob Stoer on the smack PRISCILLA. Horace was killed with his wife when the smack MAGGIE was mined off Bradwell in 1942.
Smack PRISCILLA. ‘Cromer’ Russell (Salmon), Bob Stoker.