Mary CK78 Burnham built 1850

Part of the fishing fleet. CK78 MARY. Known locally as ‘big’ MARY. A note on the back says “Had engine put in Mamgu at Brightlingsea Feb 1930”. credit to Mersea Museum.
WMTR. Smack Mary owned by Peter Pullen, with Bill Baker at tiller. Late 1940s or early 50s. Arthur Bruce.
‘big’ MARY to Mersea Museum.
Smack MARY racing in a Regatta, around 1949. Bill Baker at the helm.
Known locally as ‘big’ MARY. credit to Mersea Museum.
The MARY is one of the older smacks and the photograph shows her lute stern.
This is the ‘big’ MARY CK78. credit to Mersea Museum.