Martin Doe

Chairman of the Committee, Martin has been steering the CSPS for many years ensuring its future for the new generations. A keen sailor on his beautiful gaffer Robelia, named after his three children, Martin works hard to keep the CSPS on track.

Paul Winter

Paul sails his beautiful engineless Harris smack Maria CK21 around the East Coast picking up prizes wherever he goes. With a keen eye for detail, Paul runs the very successful Colne Smack and Barge Race each year and helps run the CSPS alongside the team. Maria is the only smack which continues the tradition of stowboating throughout the winter months.

Andy Harman

Andy sails his majestic engineless Thames Barge Edme and is hugely successful on the racing scene. Despite having a huge work list each year on the barge, he kindly  spends his spare time on the CSPS committee to ensure it stays on course.

John Gillard

A frequent visitor to the smack dock, John is a smack enthusiast and keeps the smack dock in presentable condition but also is a huge support to the working committee and keeps everyone in check. John also has the huge task of Membership Secretary and keeps members details up to date.

Caroline Canham

Caroline owns the wonderful smack Pembeth who is currently enjoying a stay in the smack dock. She deals with all the accounts for the CSPS so keeps an eye on how we’re doing!

Martyn Bradfield

Martyn is a huge smack enthusiast and when he’s not working on the barges up the Colne and beyond, he helps the CSPS out whenever he can.