Every September traditional Smacks, Barges and MFOB’s are invited to take part in the Colne Match. It starts and finishes at Batemans Tower, Brightlingsea and creates a fantastic view for spectators. In the evening the trophies are awarded and the categories are below.

Smack Trophies

Cock of the Colne & King Colne Cup 1st ex fishing boat

Arthur Bowles Cup 2nd ex fishing boat

Xanthe Trophy 3rd ex fishing boat

David Gowing Memorial Trophy most traditionally turned out smack

Hammond Bell Trophy 1st over the start line

Rose Bowl 1st bawley home

Skippers Trophy skipper of 1st smack home

Vernon Scott Trophy last smack home

Charles Morse Trophy best restoration

Brian Percival & Brian Webb Cup 1st small smack (under 36ft)

Jim Spencer Cup 2nd small smack (under 36ft)

Barge Trophies

CSPS Barge Cup 1st barge home

Sailorman Cup 2nd barge home

Prior Cup 3rd barge home

Weston Cup 4th barge home

Golden Cockerel 1st over the start line

Both Classes

Bob Harman Trophy best recorded elapsed time

Lowlands Cup seamanship

Mersea Fishing Open Boats (MFOB’s)

Colne Match Results 1971-1980

Colne Match Results 1981-1990

Colne Match Results 1991-2000

Colne Match Results 2001-2010

Colne Match Results 2011-2020